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               We're hosting an 8-day mission trip to



     Dublin, Ireland

              and you're invited to come.


February 2-10, 2018

Cost: $2390

(Subject to change depending on airfares and exchange rates)

Why Ireland?  


  • Despite a rich Christian heritage, Ireland is an increasingly secular, Post-Christian society

  • Fewer than one percent of Ireland’s population have a personal relationship with Jesus


What will be the focus of this trip?


What will it be like? Check out this video: Dublin 2016

Questions? Email us

Ready to join the team?  Fill out the form below to get started.

Once you fill out the form, we will add your name to the team donation page so that you can make payments and receive donations. We'll then send you an email with more information, including our training schedule.

*Prayer walking simply means walking and praying.  Why would this be considered mission work?  Because when we walk the streets of a neighborhood or a city, and we talk to the Lord and ask His blessing on that place, good things start happening. For one thing, He honors those prayers. We bring His presence with us to that place, and that is huge. Also, He begins to show us things about that place we would never have understood otherwise, and we can pray more effectively even after we are back home again.


**Holy Spirit-led conversation is just the phrase we use to describe talking to people (in this case, Dubliners) and trusting the Holy Spirit to give us ears to hear, and to create a friendship so that we can show God’s love. We will be doing this by going places where people are hanging out, like coffee shops or parks, and simply striking up conversations.

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