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You probably have questions...


If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please drop us an email.

Why do you work with worship leaders?


We are worship leaders ourselves, and have been for many years.  We have a vision for helping other worship leaders understand the power and joy of the very important work they've been called to, and we love to see them thriving at it! We believe that strong leadership in the area of worship is vital to the local church, and that the local church is the single best vehicle for reaching a nation for Christ.  

Why Ireland?


In short, because God called us there. But beyond that, Ireland is in desperate need of Jesus. Although steeped in deep Christian heritage, the Ireland of today is often described as a post-Christian culture.  Many Irish people have a distaste for Christianity, based on a system of guilt and ritual that they find deeply unsatisfying.  There have also been many hurts and abuses inflicted by religious leaders. Depression, alcoholism, and suicide are common. Ireland needs a new understanding of the radical, life giving love that can only be found in relationship with Jesus Christ. 

What is "The Worship Collaborative"?


The Worship Collaborative is a non-profit organization that we formed in 2014, through which we are able to do our work.  We operate as a 501-c3 corporation under the auspices of Victory Ministries, Inc., which provides us tax-exempt status as well as prayer and pastoral covering.  We named our organization The Worship Collaborative because our work is centered around the worship of God and we are collaborating with the Holy Spirit and those who are called to lead the Body of Christ in worship.

Are you sent out from a church in the US?


Yes we are.  Coast Community Church in Gulf Breeze, FL, under the leadership of Pastor Robert Pooley, is our sending church.  When we're in the States, we can often be found in North Carolina, where we attend one of our supporting churches, Trailhead Church in Graham, led by Pastor Josh Gresham.

Do you only work with one church in Ireland?


No.  When we go to Ireland, we travel across the country working with any and all churches that ask us to come and work with them.  We have relationships with dozens of churches and have worked with a variety of denominations, as well as non-denominationals.  Our work has taken us to churches of varying sizes, from a small house church of about 25 to the largest evangelical church in Ireland.  The number of churches we have worked with continues to grow each time we go to Ireland.  

If I donate to your work, do I get a tax deduction?


Yes, absolutely!  Since we operate as a 501-c3 organization, all donations are automatically tax-deductible.  If you do give to The Worship Collaborative, you will receive a year-end donation receipt from us.





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