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We returned April 18 from a fantastic 8-week visit to Ireland.


During our time there we met with many church leaders and fellow missionaries that were very encouraging with regard to our newly-formed organization (The Worship Collaborative), as well as our current mode of operation - our plan to be in Ireland a couple of times each year, up to 3 months-at-a-time.


Many opportunities presented themselves to minister to people all across Ireland, from Dublin to Cork to Limerick and many places besides.  The Lord used us to pray for and encourage those who were needing their faith bolstered, counsel those who needed a fresh perspective and share the hope of the Gospel with those who were searching for answers.


We're hoping to be back in Ireland soon.  In the mean time, there is much to do to raise the financial support needed to continue this work.  While in the States, we will also be used in a number of different ways as we serve churches and other missionaries through Siloam Missionay Homes in North Carolina.

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