TWC Description

We started The Worship Collaborative in 2015 for the purpose of raising up leadership in the area of worship, and to help worship leaders do their vital work for the Kingdom of God with excellence and with joy. Our work is founded on three pillars - coaching, encouragement and prayer.

We know from our long experience as worship leaders ourselves that those called to this area of ministry are often subject to discouragement, fatigue, and feelings of not being good enough. We believe that spiritual warfare is constantly being waged against worship leaders, because they labor on the spiritual front lines, ushering congregations into the presence of God. It is our greatest joy to help these musicians and technicians catch a vision of just how important their ministry is, and to help them do it with excellence and peace. We cater this work to the individual needs of each local church that we are invited to. Here are some examples of what this could look like if you would like us to come and work with your worship leader or team. If there's an area of need you don't see covered here, feel free to ask us about it. Coaching Vocals Harmony - Learning how to hear harmony parts Learning how to teach harmony parts and arrange vocals (for the leader) Blend - Listening to one another and adjusting voices for a more cohesive sound Individual Voice Lessons - Achieving vocal freedom through proven techniques (In person or online) Instrumentals Playing together rhythmically and musically Providing solid backing for vocals Transitioning from music reading to chord charts (for keyboard players) Presentation (whole team) Expressiveness - Leading by example with a joyful countenance Stage arrangement - Adjusting the placement of team members on stage to better facilitate their ability to see one another, communicate non-verbally, and enjoy one another's presence Sound Ear Training - Learning to listen to what's happening on stage, respond and adjust the sound Tech Training - Technical aspects of running sound Encouragement

Biblical Teaching - Training from the Bible concerning the foundations of worship Team Building - Helping worship teams grow closer as they work for a common purpose Listening (for the leader) - Sometimes the most helpful thing we can offer is a listening ear. We are not professional counselors, but we understand where musicians are coming from, and we are good listeners and encouragers. Pastor/Worship Leader Relations - If a pastor and a worship leader are having trouble seeing eye to eye, we can facilitate discussion about how to mesh their different personalities and ministry styles. Observation and Feedback - If you would like an objective viewpoint of what it's like to attend a service at your church from the point of view of an outsider, we are happy to carefully observe and then give you our impressions. This applies to your worship ministry, and if you like all other aspects of your service (parking, greeters, seating, communication, etc.). Prayer Finally, we are called to pray for worship leaders. We will always pray for your team during every visit.