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Skoolie For Sale

Snow Camp North Carolina


skoolie for sale

The 198 Bus is our lovingly created, handcrafted home on wheels.  We have lived full time and traveled in this gorgeous 35 foot long adventure mobile for the last 18 months.  We have loved this lifestyle so much that now we are ready to move on to another bus build.


The 198 is a 35 foot long, 1998 Carpenter bus with an International 3800 chassis.


We designed our bus with the values of openness and light at the top of our list.  To accomplish this goal, we chose to keep the upper four feet of the bus unobstructed on the passenger side, leaving a clear line of sight from front to back.


Our bus was designed for a couple, but if you’d love it for your family, there is ample space to add bunk beds.  It would make a great full time home for you just as it has been for us, or it could be a uniquely beautiful vacation home on wheels.  


All interior walls are shiplap and painted white.  Our flooring is gorgeous bamboo planks, except for the bathroom and cockpit, both of which are wood-look vinyl planks.  We used the same bamboo as the floor in a feature strip against the white ceiling.

The floors, walls, and ceiling are all very well insulated.  Under the flooring is a layer of thermoquiet and a layer of polyiso, topped by a plywood subfloor.

The walls and ceiling are insulated with reflectix and ultratouch, a recycled denim insulation.


The spacious 10 foot kitchen features a high end RV propane stove/oven combo, a large sink and faucet with pull out sprayer, and lots of storage cabinets, all topped by a wooden counter.  Two open upper shelves offer the choice of utilizing baskets for more storage, or display space for the beautiful things that inspire you. Our fridge is a chest freezer with a temperature controller that allows us to keep it at refrigerator temperature.  We love it, but if it’s not for you, it would be very easy to install a regular fridge instead.


The kitchen and bathroom are fully plumbed with a shore water connection and a 40 gallon freshwater tank. Wastewater is collected in a 40 gallon gray water tank that has standard RV drain connections.

One of the most unique things about our bus is the hidden, pull out broom closet, with enough space for broom, mop, dustpan, and other cleaning supplies.


Another surprising feature is our table/desk/keyboard combo.  The table/desk folds down against the wall when you want more floor space, and in a twist we have never seen in any other bus, also folds all the way up against the windows to reveal our Yamaha S90 keyboard mounted into its own metal stand against the wall.  When we want to make music, the keyboard lifts up and locks into place. If you’d love to have this feature also, we are open to the possibility of selling you the keyboard and its holder. If not, we will take it with us and you’ll still have a beautiful dining and working space.


The bathroom includes a shower utilizing a galvanized metal tub as its base.  The tub has been painted white to bring more light to this small room.


We also handcrafted a beautifully rounded wooden composting toilet that uses a Kildwick urine diverter plumbed directly into the grey water tank.


There is  a large dresser/storage unit for clothing and other necessities, handcrafted from walnut with a mid-century vibe.


Continuing with our standard of openness and light throughout the bus, we chose to create a combination sitting room/bedroom with a U-shaped sofa that converts to a   bed.  

This room has enough space to seat up to six adults, or for the two of us to put our feet up and relax.


At night, the space transforms to the biggest, comfiest bed we have ever owned.


Our Cubic Mini Grizzly wood stove provides a wonderful dry heat throughout the entire bus, and we keep cool in summer with a 13,500 BTU Dometic RV AC and a multi-speed MaxxFan roof vent with a shroud that can be left open during rain and as you drive.


Our garage/utility space is found underneath the sofa, and is accessible through the back door of the bus.


Under the hood you’ll find the International T444E turbo diesel engine, one of the most popular and reliable engines there is. We have been told many times that, if it’s taken care of, it can literally go a million miles. Presently, it is barely broken in with just over 104K miles. The T444E is paired with an Allison 545 4-speed automatic transmission. 


There is a tow hitch on the back, and we have easily towed our 3600 lb. Honda Odyssey for several thousand miles with this engine/tranny combination.


There are 360 amp hours of 12v DC power from 4 flooded cell house batteries. They are charged from shore power through our 50 amp system, as well as being charged by the engine’s alternator while traveling down the road.


120v AC outlets are found throughout the bus, some of which are powered from the 1000W pure sine wave inverter when not on shore power.


There are 2 onboard 20 lb LP tanks, providing propane to the Furrion RV kitchen range and Eccotemp tankless, on-demand water heater.


We installed matching flex-steel, all leather captain's chairs for both the driver and passenger in the stylish cockpit area.  Both seats are equipped with shoulder harness seat belts, and the driver's seat is equipped with air ride.


We are very much looking forward to seeing who the 198's new family will be.



Asking price is $42,000. Contact us at with questions or to make us an offer.  

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