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About our work

We call on our backgrounds as musicians, worship leaders, and music teachers as we work with worship leaders and others in ministry.  


We listen to their hearts, we encourage and pray for them, and we strive to ignite a vision for what their work can mean for the Kingdom of God.  We have conversations about what the Bible has to say about true worship.


On the practical side, we offer hands-on coaching and mentoring of worship leaders, both vocalists and instrumentalists, as well as sound technicians.

Team dynamics is an important focus for us. We want to help team members

work together cohesively, and help train team leaders to lead effectively.


What we offer churches...


Prayer and encouragement

      Worship leaders and others in ministry are under fire, and sometimes it helps just to have someone to listen and pray with them.  We are happy to be available for this purpose, to encourage and help leaders see anew the vision that God gave them for their ministry.


 Observation and feedback

       We are sometimes asked to attend a church service, bring a fresh pair of eyes, and later give feedback about our impressions.


Teaching/group discussion

      Vision casting is at the heart of what we do. We believe passionately in the power of worship in the life of the local church and in the heart of each believer, and we want the people who lead their local body in worship to understand just how vital their work is for the kingdom.  We can tailor a discussion around any topic that is needed in a local body.


    Here are a few that we have been asked to cover -

       - Biblical foundations of worship

       - Working together as a team

       - Following your leader

       - The role of the Holy Spirit in spontaneity and preparation

       - Why we do what we do - the undeniable necessity of worship

 Coaching for worship teams and leaders

       We have twenty plus years of experience as worship leaders and music teachers, and we love to work with vocalists, instrumentalists, sound and tech teams, and those in leadership positions. We can observe teams and offer encouragement and insights, or we can help with any specific area asked of us.


    Some things we have been asked to cover include -

        - Vocal blend and harmonies

        - Learning to read chord charts (for music readers)

        - Team members learning to listen to one another/play cohesively

        - Getting the most out of your rehearsal

If you are a church leader

      We are available to you and your church body.  We would love to help you in any way we can.

Short-term mission trips

      Another service we offer local churches are short-term mission trips to Ireland. If you would be interested in sending a group from your church to experience Ireland and her people first-hand and have opportunities to minister to them, please let us know and we can tell you about the particular type of trips we offer.

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